Qatar travel requirements for Fully vaccinated tourists

Planning to travel to Doha as a tourists ? Here is a step by step process to follow as a vaccinated traveler.

*Take into consideration that without completing these procedures, you won’t be allowed to enter the country!

Qatar has classified countries into three lists based on the international and local health risks - Green and Red countries and Exceptionally Red risk countries (which includes several countries of subcontinent and Africa)

(1) As a vaccinated traveler, first you need to identify which list does the country you are traveling from belong to. Check the updated lists here :

Green list countries

Red list countries

Exceptionally red

(2) The second step is taking a PCR test. You will need a Negative result for PCR test conducted within 72 hours before arrival to Qatar

(3) The next step is pre-registration on the website You will have to register 3 days before the arrival and upload necessary documents ( PCR, Vaccination certificate ) , you will get an approval on your email within 24 hours. Print an approval as soon as you receive it and keep it with other travel documents.

Note * : You need to be fully vaccinated by the time of pre-registration. Qatar considers passengers as fully vaccinated only if they have taken the last/final dose of vaccine at least 14 days before arrival in the State. Vaccines approved by Qatar : Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca , Jonson&Jonson, Sinopharm.

(4) Meanwhile, install the ehteraz mobile application before coming to Qatar. This app shows details of your vaccination certificate and your current health status. So therefore this mobile application is mandatory to have on your phone.

You will be required to activate the app upon arrival. For activating you will need either buy a Qatari sim card at the airport that costs around 10$ or activate a roaming service in your country before departure. But for smooth transition buying a local sim card is recommended.

Note * Without activating this app on your mobile, you won't be allowed to leave the airport. The application needs to be active throughout your stay in Qatar.

Quarantine requirements for vaccinated travelers arriving to Qatar from Green list countries :

If you are fully vaccinated , you will be exempt from quarantine. This also applies to children aged 11 years and under accompanied by one or both of their parents/family members who are vaccinated

Quarantine requirements for vaccinated travelers arriving to Qatar from Red list countries :

you will be required to undergo hotel quarantine for 2 days, Until the test result appears . You will be released on 2nd day if the result is negative.


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